Lathai-a MarlinLathai-a Marlin, AP, Dilp.O.M

Hello and welcome to Wuji Acupuncture and Herbal Clinic! Thank-you for choosing to come visit my site, and I hope that I get to visit with you personally in my clinic.

A little bit about me…
I have grown up and lived at the base of the beautiful Cascade Mountains in Leavenworth, WA for most of my life. I have moved for several life adventures, that has included Portland, Or and Pooler, GA.  A few years ago, my heart called me back to East Coast; I now call Atlantic Beach, FL my home.

Family: Big kids and a furry kid
I have two beautiful grown kids. My daughter, Indica, is 23 and has remained in Portland, OR to pursue a degree in nursing. She has a compassionate and tender heart. Indica just recently got married and has a 4 yr old step-son Bentley, who is an absolute doll.  My son, Egypt, just turned 18 years old and he is still hanging out with his dearest mom. He is a talented and extraordinarily coordinated young man.  My third child is Zeus, the Thunder Goddess. She is an amazing dog, who is incredibly athletic. We spend a lot of time swimming at the beach and hanging out in Hannah Park.

Please check out my LinkedIn profile for more formal educational and certification details.

Why am I here doing what I do?
I arrived at becoming a Practitioner of Chinese Medicine as a calling. In the distant past, I had very little experience with acupuncture; however my first experience with acupuncture was a profound one. I was in a group acupuncture setting along with other women who also had a lot of tough stuff going on in their lives. After several treatments I began to feel a deep sense of inner peace and tranquility.  Almost 6 years later the epiphany occurred. My heart spoke to me that I needed to become an acupuncturist. I wanted to help bring that deep sense of inner peace and tranquility to others. I moved from Georgia to return home to Washington and began my long personal and educational journey to becoming a practitioner of Chinese Medicine. I have always known in my heart that I was meant to help others and I have always loved the medical field. This is who I am. Besides, I am too compassionate to become a corporate guru and too rebellious to work for one.

The path that brought me to acupuncture was a long and hard one. I have not lived the perfect life, yet my experiences have brought me to a place and profession where I can meet my patients where they are at in their lives with kindness and understanding. Even if the place they are at is just needing someone to help bring their mind, body and spirit some peace and quiet.

About Wuji Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic
Wuji: limitless, space-less (woo-gee)
Wuji is what you want to feel while you are receiving an acupuncture treatment.