Food as Medicine-Chicken & Mushroom Soup


Mushroom Chicken Soup

Indications: Boosts Qi & Blood deficiency leading to fatigue, dizziness, poor appetite, sore knees and lumbar, insomnia

Boosting Qi and Blood= Nourishing your vital flow of energy in your body and boosting red blood cells


2 free range drumsticks, chicken thighs would work as well

**10 small fresh shitake mushrooms

1 TBLS cooking wine

3 slices of ginger

6 cups of water


Cut drumsticks into one inch cubes, put in hot boiling water for two minutes to remove excess blood and scum. Rinse the chicken in cold water. (I don’t feel it is necessary to cut up the drumsticks. Just be aware of small bones or use boneless chicken.)

Put the chicken in a soup pot and bring the rest of the ingredients and prepared chicken in soup pot and bring to a boil then continue simmering for 40 mins.

Garnish with Gou Qi Zi aka Goji Berries and add ½ Tsp of salt at the end

Serve as warm meal. Once a day

** If you detest mushrooms because of texture, you can boil them and then strain them out of the water and just use the mushroom broth.

Community Acupuncture

Community Acupuncture is now being held twice a week at Wuji!

Come in any time between the hours of:

Wed: 12-1:30

Thur. 5-6:30

$25.00    $20.00 for Walmart Associates, just show your name badge

This is a great time to come in a get a treatment during your lunch break or after work. Regular acupuncture sessions reap huge benefits for your health. Community Acupuncture is a great way to obtain results without breaking your piggy bank. Just come on in a take a seat! Sessions are about 20-30 minutes on average. Needless treatments are available for the needle phobic.

The Importance of Patient Homework

Homework? But, why?? Because you like you!

One way to keep your treatments working longer and to achieve personal health gains and inner balance quicker is to do some homework. It has been my experience that patients who go home and do their “homework” often will heal faster. As disclaimer, not everyone will get results. Patience is really a virtue. I know that sometimes that statement is really irritating, but it is true. I bring this up because this relates to your state of health and how long it took to reach of the state of health you are in. Continue reading “The Importance of Patient Homework”

The Tao of Nutrition

I highly recommend The Tao of NutritionThe Tao of Nutrition to add to your library. This is great for beginners and for advanced individuals in the areas of nutrition and how to feed one’s self and your family. It has the food listed in alphabetical order and includes easy to make recipes and remedies.