Welcome Back!!

Wuji Acupuncture and Herbal is open. We are following COVID guidelines to keep you safe and germ free. Wuji has moved to 507 4th St. South Jax Beach, FL 32250.
We are located just minutes to the beach!
For those who drive a little further to see us and don’t get to the beach often, here is your chance. It is a great way to integrate your treatment before resuming daily activities. If you have children, I do have a larger space for them to quietly hang out.
This has come up for those who would like to bring their kiddos to the beach after a treatment.

Covid-19 Update Clinic Closure

Due to recent government executive orders, Wuji Acupuncture and Herbal Clinic will be closed until May 1st, unless otherwise posted. I will contact each of you to reschedule. I am still accepting new patients for the month of May.

We are still offering the following:

Herbal consults and prescriptions as this can be done via phone and then mailed to you. I

CCT, Crystalline Consciousness Technique, healing via phone. It is just as powerful over the phone as it is in person.

Zoom calls for acupressure and moxibustion lessons on how to give your self a “tune-up” or treat ailments.

You may still purchase gift certificates

I thank all of you for your continued patience and support during this time. We are all in this journey together, and there is a lot of uncertainty and many of us have either been directly affected by this virus or have family members affected.

Rest assured, as soon as I can open the doors, I will do so. Thank-you for all the reaching out and support I have been receiving. I truly appreciate all of you! Stay healthy, and if you would like learn more about that or how to boost your immune system, please reach out.

With Love and Qi,

Lathai-a Marlin, AP, Dipl.O.M

COVID Update

Notice: Wuji Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic is taking the highest precaution to prevent the spread of disease. We are sending love and healing to all of you and your families during this time.

We will remain open this week with strict limitations of who may be seen. You may reschedule via text message, email, or phone call.  I am requiring everyone to either confirm their appointment or to reschedule with me within  48 hrs of your appointment. Clinic closure may occur at any time.

Patient required to reschedule:

  • Anyone who has been ill in the last 3 weeks, exposed to anyone ill, had any cold or flu symptoms such as scratchy throat, body aches, fever, cough, expectorating sputum, feeling of malaise
  • If you have been in an area with outbreaks or possible exposure. This includes health care professionals working in hospitals and clinics.
  • Vulnerable population: Elderly, small children, immunocompromised, and those who are at risk due to high blood pressure, diabetes.

Additional options:

  • Phone appointments for herbal formulas
  • CCT, Crystalline Consciousness Technique, http://www.crystallineconsciousness.com/  I can give you a CCT treatment over the phone. It will take up to the full hour of your appointment time. CCT is powerful energy work, especially in our time of the current crisis. All you need to do is call me during your scheduled time.  please be in a quiet place where you can lay back and relax. Remember this is your treatment time. It is best to have headphones in, but speaker phones will work as well. We will talk about what your needs, intentions, manifestations are. I will muscle test to ask what your body needs physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually to support you in the fullest capacity.

I want to thank-you all for your considerations. My heart goes out to each and everyone of you. Acupuncture and herbs can assist in immunity boosting. For those who are keeping their appointments, I will do immunity boosting for you.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to contact me.

With Love and Qi,

Lathai-a Marlin, AP, Dilp. O.M



Community Acupuncture

Community Acupuncture is every Saturday 10am-2pm, No appointment required

Price: $25, $30, or $35  choose your price tier on what you can afford

Community Acupuncture is a cost effective way to try out or receive acupuncture treatments. I treat up to five people at once in reclining chairs in our Zen den. You just come in and take a seat. Community  acupuncture has grown into a community of its own. We often like to sit and talk before or after treatments and share a pot of tea. Many of our regulars have grown quite close.

The difference between community acupuncture and private appointments are the services offered and the areas of the body that I treat. Both options provide high quality treatments. If you are unsure if you need more individualized care, I am more than happy to talk with you to determine your needs and services required.

There are a few Saturdays yearly Community Acupuncture closes. I make that announcement on both my Facebook page: Wuji Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic or on Jacksonville Meet-up group: Reclaiming You