The Importance of Patient Homework

Homework? But, why?? Because you like you!

One way to keep your treatments working longer and to achieve personal health gains and inner balance quicker is to do some homework. It has been my experience that patients who go home and do their “homework” often will heal faster. As disclaimer, not everyone will get results. Patience is really a virtue. I know that sometimes that statement is really irritating, but it is true. I bring this up because this relates to your state of health and how long it took to reach of the state of health you are in.

Acute vs. Chronic
Acute conditions are typically conditions that come on suddenly. This could be a break in the bone or just the common cold. The symptoms are typically severe in nature and depending on what the condition are, the acute stage is short term. Acute conditions (depending on the particular condition) if treated quickly can heal quickly. The common cold can clear out within a few days if treated correctly right away. This can also apply to a sprained ankle. Acupuncture and herbs are helpful and can help speed up the healing time as long as the individual who is experiencing the acute condition is taking care of themselves.

Chronic conditions are conditions that have been going on longer than the acute stage. Chronic conditions examples are shoulder pain, digestive issues or an auto immune disorder. The healing time for these disorders takes much longer to resolve and some of these conditions can exist for a lifetime. Chronic conditions take a longer healing time. Please be patient with your body and with your treatments. Remember that we don’t reach a chronic condition stage overnight and that only a few acupuncture and herbal treatments can heal this condition quickly. If you have had shoulder pain for six years, it may take a year of treatments to help diminish the symptoms and treat the root cause of your condition.

Again, doing patient homework can help keep your treatments goings! It is adding tools to your toolbox of harmonious health. Chinese Medicine is amazing; however, keep in mind that sometimes it takes a village to assist you in your healing process. I may also ask you to see additional practitioners such as a chiropractor, a massage therapist, naturopath or your PCP. This may also include suggestions for meditation classes. Integrated health care is amazing and can produce better results. We have tons of wonderful and qualified professionals in the area that ready and willing to help you reach a state of optimal health.