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20 Minute Consultation FREE-must call to schedule or we can talk over the phone

Acupuncture: *Acupuncture includes different modalities such as cupping, moxibustion, and herbal Rx (cost of herbs not included) depending on appropriate treatment necessity.

New patient visit with initial consultation:  $110.00- 80mins
Acupuncture Follow-up:  $.90.00- 60 mins.
Community Acupuncture: $40.00 *coming soon*

Packages: 5 tx/$400

Packages are only available to those whose treatment plan requires weekly treatments.

Needle-Free options, acupuncture is included if desired
Sound Healing Treatment w/Tuning Forks: $125.00- 60 mins
Pediatric Treatment: $40.00- 40 mins
*Children often do not require needles. I will assess their needs and treat them accordingly with the modality most needed.

New Patient Cupping only: $80.00 60mins
Cupping only $60.00- 45 mins

Energy Healing:

Crystalline Consciousness Technique, CCT: $125.00-60mins

*Can be done in office or distance healing is available

Herbal Rx: 

All herbal prescriptions are an additional cost added to the treatment cost. The prices fluctuate with formula size and cost of particular herbs. 

Herbal Consult: $80.00-60mins *in most cases, you will receive your herbal Rx in consult time frame. Complicated cases and those on pharmaceutical prescriptions may take longer. Herbs are not a one prescription fits most medicine.

Herbal Refills: $20 compound fee + Herbal Rx cost

*Herbal refills apply to those who have herbal refills available to them and are requesting a refill outside of an appointment.

I need this, want this, but have limited income:

It is my core belief that any of my healing services be available to anyone, no matter of income. I am all about helping those who are committed to helping themselves on their journey of  health and well-being. If you have an income disparity, reach out to me, and we can discuss options available.

Community Acupuncture @ $40/treatment 

Limited service fee reduction option:

Service fee reduction is only for those who will require many treatments beyond or in addition to community acupuncture to reach their health goals. I will require to view a recent W2 or 3 recent paychecks. Those who are qualify for a service fee reduction will be required to follow their treatment plan in order qualify. Late cancellations and no -show fees will not be reduced and recipient will be referred to Community Acupuncture as a treatment option or full-price private appointments.